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Conservation Assessment
Program (CAP) for the Polish Museum of America

Conservation Assessment Program (CAP)
In 2006 the Paderewski Association secured a grant
from Heritage Preservation/The National Institute for Conservation for the Polish Museum of America to
participate in the Conservation Assessment
Program (CAP).

CAP provides a general conservation assessment
of participating museum's collection, environmental
conditions, and site. Conservation priorities are
identified by professionals who perform condition
analysis on-site and provide a written report. The
report can help a museum develop strategies for
improved collections care and provide a tool for
long-range planning and fund-raising. Visit for more information
on the National Institute for Conservation programs.

The Conservation Assessment Program (CAP)
report was submitted to the Polish museum of
America in January, 2007. The report provided:
  • General information
  • Evaluation of security
  • Evaluation of environment
  • Evaluation of general condition of collection
  • Evaluation of storage of valuable documents
    in PRCU vault
  • Recommendations

Conservation Assessment Program

Heritage Preservation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the United States. By identifying risks, developing innovative programs, and providing broad public access to expert advice, Heritage Preservation assists museums, libraries, archives, historic preservation and other organizations, as well as individuals, in caring for our endangered heritage.